Aesthetic treatments for men

 A pleasant look and a harmonious character, together with physical and mental wellness, are the most important goals for a man who is comfortable with himself and being by the others. As a matter of fact, a fresh rested aspect not only communicates strength and self confidence but also efficiency. To obtain these goals, specific aesthetic treatments and precise usage of specific lotions can, in a short time, eliminate imperfections caused by prolonged sun exposure, everyday life stress and time which usually manifest as more or less deep wrinkles around the eyes and in between the nose and the mouth.

Also tissue weakening, especially at abdominal level, is often increased with years and is generally neglected due to insufficient time and physical activity or due to inadeguate dietary habits. Today, it can be reduced in a few sessions with different specific treatments: cosmetic botox, pharmacological liporeduction of abdominal adiposity, muscle tonification treatments, antalgic and decontracting treatments.

For sports lovers it is possible to eliminate, in an almost definitive way, superficial hair which often creates discomfort or choose the compressive microvibration treatment which in a few sessions relieves symptoms caused by muscle contractions or articular pain such as lower back and cervical pain.

A healthy and harmonic man, lives his age completely, knows how to recognize and accept himself. He is selfconfident, loves himself and is actively involved at improving his character.


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