Mesotherapy for cellulites

The term "cellulite" indicates a particular morphologic condition often considered unaesthetic, that affects more than 20 million women.

Different clinical causes exist which are responsible for fat accumulation and for the orange peel effect.

These can be reassumed into:

    ginoide habitus with the increase of the subgluteal circumference
    gluteus maximus hypotonia that manifests with the appearence of the so called "coulotte de cheval"
    edemato-fibro-sclerotic panniculopathy
    accumulation of adipose tissue in specific areas: the so called "localized adiposity"

In our Center of Esthetic Medicine and Integrated Odontology in Verona, mesothrapy if performed either with traditional drugs either with homeopathic substances throught an electroporation system and/or with the mesoinjector U225.

This last technique consists into performing intradermal loco-regional microinjections with the aim to concentrate the drug only where it is necessary. In this way, we slow down its diffusion and we render it less invasive as weel as we prolongate its effects in time. The injections are performed on the cutaneous projection of the organ (or part of it) affected by the pathology and could be performed with the canalization technique, grid technique, fan technique and/or directed wheals.

In the esthetic medicine field the situations most frequently treated with this method consist of cellulite and localized adiposity.

The instruents which we use are either the classical mesoporation needles from the microinjector U225 which, thanks to its technical characteristics, allows the operator to establish the deepness of drug release in tissues and to use 16 different injection frequencies (up to 500 beats per minute). These characteristics greatly expand the potential of the mesoinjector gun which, thanks to its repeated action, induces biomechanical stimulation of elastic fibers production and neocollagenases. For patients who are particularly anxious we suggest the electroporation technique treatment. Specifically, we use the Actyderm system which consists into 2 session per week for a time period of 5-6weeks.


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