Teeth withening: bleaching without damaging the natural colour of your teeth

In our Center of Esthetic Medicine and Integrated Odontology in Verona, the use of a plasma light source allows in one only session to lighten your smile, decreasing the colour of your teeth by 3/6 grades with no occurrence of relevant adverse effects.

The technique is simple, painless and reestablishes the whitness and purity to teeth without damaging the tooth enamel. The treatment is performed in single session and takes a relatively restricted time (40min per treatment). The procedure to respect is the isolation of each tooth from the gengiva and from the surrounding perioral tissues which is accomplished with a specific latex-free protection.

The specialist, afterwards, proceeds with the application of a whitening gel totally atoxic which is then activated by the light source. The light ray emitted interacts with the gel and triggers a chemical reaction that attacks the pigments responsible for the teeth discoloration. The chromatic variation can result in fact, 3/6 tones lighter.

To obtain the wanted result it is possible to repeat the precedure even in the same session.

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