Invisible orthodontics

The correction of an impaired occlusion or of a dental malposition today is extremely delightful.

Today in our Center of Esthetic Medicine and Integrated Surgery in Verona, along with mobile and fixed traditional techniques we use the Invisaling technique. This method utilizes a series of transparent masks allowing in the young but also in the adult patient to correct either the majority of skeletal malocclusions or problems of dental misalignment.

Esthetics is a subjective parameter that varies in relation to the facial biotype and the standard of beauty that is also dictated by the media. However, there is no doubt that the correction of dental misalignments and the restoration of the correct intermaxillary matches permits to obtain satisfactory esthetic results which are natural and armonic.

The invisalign technique allows to restore the dental alignment in a relatively short time period (1-2years) and with minimal discomfort permitting the patient to obtain an armonic smile, balanced with the global facial esthetics.

This allows us to fulfill the desires also of our most demanding patients who would like to have a new bright smile within limited time and costs.

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