Permanent progressive depilation

The most modern approach to progressive depilation involves treatment techniques with Pulsed Light or with laser sources of adeguate wavelength.

The use of this highly powered pulsed light technique allows to eradicate progressively but definitively, approximately 90% of the present hair. The number and duration of sessions needed in our Center of Esthetic Medicine and Integrated Odontology in Verona, varies in relation to the extension of the area to be treated.

Pulsed Light is a technilogy based on the use of a lage band polychromatic light which when absorbed by a specific target, in this case the hair pigment (melanin) and hemoglobin, transforms itself into heat.

The heat's energy is transmitted through the hair to the follicle and causes an increase in temperature that leads to the destruction of germinative cells of the hair follicle. These are found in the "Anagen" phase and represent approximately 30% of the total number: 200.000 stem cells per square cm. This destructive action creates no damage to the skin. For this reason, to obtain complete hair eradication more sessions are necessary: 4-8 annually.

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