Endosphere therapy

In our center of Esthetic Medicine and Integrated Odontology in Verona we practice the manual lymphatic drainage massage. It mostly consists in the mechanical elimination of liquids from tissues. The massage must be performed respecting the direction of the lymphatic flux towards the lymph nodes and the pressure of the different manouvres has to be adapted to the tissue of the patient.

The treatment is useful in different situations:

  • preparation of tissues before a surgical intervention (to eliminate fluids in excess and reactivate circulation)
  • after surgical interventions to favour lymphatic drainage
  • in pathologies of the lower limbs characterized by edema (swelling)
  • in patients with algic syndrome
  • in cellulite to favour the microcirculation and to improve tissue trophism

The duration of the treatment is treatment approximately 1 hour and is variable in relation to the patient's situation.
This atraumatic and painless procedure stimulates the microcirculation through mechanical oscillations as well as stimulating the deep layers of the derma, specific receptors are able to reactivate the metabolic processes that favour adipocytes and fibrous septi disintegration. This results in silouette remodelling thanks to subcutaneous fat redistribution.
5 weeks are sufficient to significantly reduce the orange peel effect and to redefine your body.


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